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1:1 coaching at semi-private gym

These sessions will be bespoke to your training goals. Together we will put together a plan to train both body and mind, keep you motivation high and help you achieve your aims. You will received a personalised training plan as well as 1:1 coaching at a semi-private gym.

Location: PTWorkspace: Angel, London



Reiki Treatment

1 hour Reiki healing treatment

Reiki (Pronounced Ray-Kee), meaning ‘Universal Life Force’, is a form of healing originating from Japan and Tibet. Reiki involves the channelling of this ‘Universal Life Force’ through the Reiki practitioner. This energy is used to balance us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Reiki can be used to treat many symptoms, both mental and physical. Acute pain and injuries can be greatly eased and chronic symptoms treated successfully over a period of time.

Location: Brighter Spaces: Angel, London




1:1 online coaching

This plan will provide you with a bespoke training programme as well as weekly online coaching. You receive all the benefits of a personalised training programme to reach your own specific goals and designed with your own body and training schedule in mind. Available wherever you are in the world. We will keep in touch with video updates on training so you can still receive advice on technique and training progressions.



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