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As a dance science educator and a strength and conditioning coach my day-to-day work is helping dancers, circus artists and physical performers learn more about their body and mind, the amazing things they are capable of, and how to look after this tool for a long and happy career. I am also passionate about bringing dance to everyone, for health, wellbeing, community and creativity!

Having danced since I was 5 years old, and continuing to train now in both dance and various circus disciplines, I have a keen interest in applied practice and research. My work involves evidence based practice, but also how we can apply the current research into the real-world situations of the studio, theatre, outdoor performance, or suspended from a crane or building and make this research more accessible.

I am currently Senior Lecturer in Dance Science at Middlesex University, freelance researcher and Strength and Conditioning Coach to various companies, schools and individuals.  

Qualifications and memberships:


MSc Dance science

BA (Hons) Dance Studies with Drama, theatre and Performance Studies

L4 Strength and Conditioning

International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Dance Educators Committee member

Reiki II

UK Reiki Federation member

Mental Health First Aider (Adult and Youth) MHFA England

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